Our Principles:

Our interventions are built on strength of each person

Our services are coordinated and available for as long as needed

We address unique needs of each individual, consistent with individual's cultural values and norms. 

Emil Vakhidov, BA, MSW, RSW​​

Email: help@psychotherapyandconsultingservices.com
Phone: (416) 857-9257

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Since 2005 Psychotherapy and Consulting Services Inc. proudly serves LGBTQ2S and diasporic communities.


 Your wellness is our commitment

Our Mission​:

​We are committed to provide comprehensive psychotherapy and counselling services to individuals, couples, families, and communities.

We are committed to enable you to enjoy your life and your personal relationships. 

Our Vision:

All people have the capacity to learn and to grow

​All people are to be treated with respect and dignity

​Culture and ethnicity are sources of strength and dignity 

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